About Studio Op Schaal

Studio Op Schaal is a ceramics studio in Amerongen. Joyful ceramics, set tables, lovely little bowls with comfort food... at Studio Op Schaal we think about nothing else. With attention for food, each other, having family & friends over for diner; Studio Op Schaal creates ceramics for those moments.

About me

I'm Clara and Studio Op Schaal sprung from my desire to work more with my hands and my creativity. Through out the years I have always ended up with clay in my hands, hand-building at home, some ceramic courses or pottery courses, or just buying all the pretty platters, cups and bowls I could find. 

When I was on pregnancy leave in the summer of 2020, and just lost my job thanks to the corona crisis that hit earlier that year, I started to wonder if this wouldn't be a nice point in life to start out on my own. That August our son was born and also my business plan for Studio Op Schaal! 

Januari of 2021 I started my ceramics studio, started to throw clay at the wheel and experimenting with shapes and the material. In September I started at the Nederlandse Keramiek Opleiding, the pottery and clay institute of the Netherlands.

Still learning and developing I'm on my way to find my own style but there is still a long way to go. A big inspiration for me is Delfts Blauw ceramic and food trends like "ugly delicious' food, delicious comfort for to share.